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Includes creative and interactive methods in each lesson. 

​Athena's Learning Centre welcomes all students desire to elevate their skills.

English Literacy Program:

Elementary and High-school

  • Fluency in reading

  • Broaden vocabulary.

  • In depth comprehension and critical thinking

  • Grammatical concepts.

  • Literary tools

  • Effective communication skills

  • Creative writing

ESL (English Second Language):

Beginners to Intermediate

Ages 7-35

  • Strengthen grammatical understanding.

  • Targets listening and reading comprehension. 

  • Deeper understanding of the English language.

  • Language proficiency tests prep for Oxford and Cambridge

Elementary Math

  • Math terminology.

  • Making connections.

  • Comprehend  word problems.

  • Create equations.

  • Various methods of solving problems.

Student skills

Elementary and High-school

  •  Organization skills.

  • Various forms of note-taking

  • Study tips and prep for quizzes and tests.

  • Presentation skills.

  • Research and cite resources.

  • Strengthen focus and retention.

SAT Preparation



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