Experiences from the Past

~Vicky, Parent

My daughter, Evonne is 5 years old now. We live in Taipei, Taiwan. Evonne was really happy and did learn a lot under teacher Felicia's tutoring about 8 months ago. Teacher Felicia was really kind and always very thoughtful. She would adjust her teaching style according to my daughter's situation each time she came for tutoring. Even though Felicia couldn't teach her anymore, Evonne still keeps asking me when will teacher Felicia come back? Will she teach me again? I think Felicia is a really successful teacher. Her student, Evonne is missing her a lot!

~Leah Oprisch, Teacher

Ms. Rodrigues is a wonderful teacher. It was my pleasure to teach alongside her for a year. She always strives to find the best educational approaches for specific learning styles. She never stagnates on one approach and is always developing professionally. Her students love how she can transform any lesson into an engaging activity or game. Ms. Rodrigues teaches with a vigor and energy that inspires students to be the best versions of themselves.

Michael Marks, Teacher

Through her passion, encouragement, and guidance, Felicia inspires students to reach their academic and personal potential. I have witnessed many students blossom under her tutelage. She is the kind of teacher that young learners need and deserve.

~ Kaitlyn Rebecca, Teacher

As a new Bachelor of Education graduate I made the exciting journey from Canada to Taiwan to teach English as a Second Language to Grade 1 and 2 students. It was here where I met Felicia Rodrigues. Being a new teacher I knew that I both had a lot to offer and a lot to learn, and that the only path to success for myself and my students was to embrace the experiences and advice offered by my colleagues. My relationship with Felicia first began when she would supply for my classes and flourished when she took over the position of one of my grade team partners. Felicia consistently strives to ensure lesson and unit plans were created to maximize student engagement in the English classroom through the integration of visual arts, drama, dance, and health and physical education. She ensured that the grade team was in communication to provide a standard of education in all of our classrooms. Felicia has provided me with the knowledge of a myriad of games, learning styles, classroom management strategies, and countless other pieces of advice that have aided my success as a teacher.

Felicia is an inspiration to me and I know that any child learning from her is in terrific hands.

I cannot wait to see the amazing things Athena’s Learning Centre will do!


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