Welcome to Athena's Learning Centre!

As the owner and head teacher of Athena's Learning Centre thank you for giving a small business owner the chance to rise up in making a bigger difference for our learners.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to make a positive difference as a teacher.  From the moment  I decided to become a teacher, I stayed motivated and dedicated to mastering Education. I travelled all around the world working from private to international schools along with the Ontario Board of Education. I value all that I have learned from teachers, principles, training sessions, studying courses and experience. From my journey I realized there was a problem with the broken, outdated infrastructure of many school. So, I took all that I encompassed to start up my own school. A place where creativity, critical thinking and philosophy aids in strengthening the skills of my students. As a result, I see my students smile with confidence, communicate more effectively and be able to go in depth on topics. As an enthusiastic, committed teacher I have an innate ability to understand and motivate learners.


I have worked within my native country, Toronto, Canada to living over broad for 20 years, mastering the art of Education.

 Athena's Learning Centre applies active learning techniques to  retain information and stay engaged in order to become strong independent learners.  Our customized programs involve engaging and interactive.

Register for 2 free lessons, which include an assessment. Guaranteed positive results!

"Creativity in lessons is the success in education and in learning"

~Felicia Rodrigues, CEO

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