Why Us?

  • 20 years of teaching.

  • Experience from the Ontario Board of Education to International and private schools


  • Passionate and care are put into each  program.

 What is Active Learning?

  • Is exactly what it states, its learning by keeping the mind active. It engages students with materials through discussions, problem solving, case studies, relative topics and other methods.

  • Guide individuals to become Independent Thinkers by building confidence, and self-esteem.

Reasons Behind Learning Problems

Now a days, learning has become an unwelcome chore to a majority of learners.


After school programs tend to use traditional instructional methods. These bland academic methods take longer for students to understand the subject. 




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       Children Safety


  • Safety is our priority.

  • We offer virtual learning until further notice.

  • Athena's Learning Centre is First aid and CPR certified.