"Creativity in lessons is the success to any form of learning" ~Felicia Rodrigues, CEO

As the owner and head teacher of Athena's Learning Centre. I would like to personally welcome you!

My name is Felicia. I am a dedicated, motivated and passionate educator. An enthusiastic, committed teacher with an innate ability to understand and motivate learners.


With over 20 years of experience, I have worked within my native country, Toronto, Canada to living over broad for 20 years to master the art of education.

 Athena's Learning Centre applies active learning techniques to  retain information and stay engaged in order to become strong independent learners.  Our customized programs involve engaging and interactive. I am a self starter with high energy and philosophical ways of teaching, hence Athena.

  Athena's Learning Centre is centred around providing proven techniques to elevating the mind.

Contact Felicia
416 474 4841